Public Access


How 2KBW can assist you with your legal issue

The Public Access scheme allows members of the public and businesses to seek expert legal advice and representation from a barrister, without the needing to instruct a solicitor first. This provides clients a clear, streamlined and cost effective solution to deal with legal matters.

2KBW barristers are experts in their legal fields making them perfectly placed to advise you through your legal proceedings. We are committed to providing clients with a service that is approachable and efficient.

We can provide legal assistance across many areas of law and have expert experience in:

  • Crime
  • Family law
  • Civil
  • Employment
  • Regulatory
  • Immigration

What can a barrister do for you under the scheme?

  • Provide you with expert legal advice
  • Draft documents
  • Assist you to draft correspondence
  • Assist in drafting statements from litigants and witnesses
  • Advise you on suitable expert witnesses and draft your instructions to them
  • Offer you advice on proceedings
  • Draft court documents
  • Appear in court on your behalf

However barristers cannot undertake the following under the scheme:

  • Handle money on your behalf
  • Instruct expert witnesses directly
  • Contact witnesses directly
  • Issue proceedings or Investigate evidence
  • Correspond with opposing lawyers on your behalf

How to instruct us

In the first instance please complete our online initial enquiry form or contact our experienced clerking team either by telephone on 020 7353 1746 or by email on , or as appropriate.

Our clerks can advise and recommend barristers with the most relevant experience and expertise to assist you as well as advise on the cost involved.

Barristers fees are generally calculated based on their experience, hourly rate and the time required to complete any work. Fees can also include travel and hotel expenses if incurred. Fees are confirmed ahead of any work done and are to be paid in advance. VAT is charged on all fees as applicable.

Providing your matter is suitable to advance under the Public Access scheme you will receive a Client Care Letter (your contract with your barrister), setting out the work to be completed, the agreed fees and the barrister’s role and limitations under the scheme.

Once all the documentation is in place, your case papers and instructions have been received, along with payment of the agreed fee, the barrister can proceed with your case.

The Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme webpage details the benefits of using the scheme.

Please also refer to the Bar Standards Board Guidance for the Public.


The Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales sets out the conditions under which a barrister may act on a Public Access basis. It will help us to determine whether a member of Chambers can assist you on a Public Access basis if you could provide us with some detail about yourself and your enquiry.  Please complete the form below;  we will then determine which barrister would be most suitable for your case and someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours of receiving your completed form. If we are able to assist with your query we will arrange an appointment for you to see the appropriate barrister and will advise you as to what further information or documentation may be required from you.

Please note that in the event you do become a Public Access client of a barrister practising at 2KBW Chambers, the rules relating to money laundering will require us to verify your identity and the source of the funds being used to meet your legal expenses.