The Immigration team at 2 KBW are a forward looking and proactive team who have a wealth of experience in the area of Immigration and Asylum Law.

Our Immigration barristers are specialists in this complex area of the law and are often instructed to appear in Immigration tribunals across England and Wales. It is safe to say that the members of the Immigration team have appeared in just about every immigration tribunal location across England and Wales.

Our Immigration barristers are often called upon to deal with difficult cases which include the deportation of foreign national offenders, applications made by the Secretary of State for the Home Department to strip British nationals of their citizenship, applications under Article 3 involving suicide risk cases as well as a wide variety of other complex areas.

Our Immigration barristers often instructed draft grounds, skeleton arguments and appear in complex immigration matters which include both Asylum applications and Human Rights applications.

Our Immigration barristers are asked on a regular basis to review decisions of the First Tier and draft grounds against refusal by the First Tier tribunal where they were not originally instructed.

Our Immigration barristers on a regular basis are instructed to appear in the Upper Tribunal where they deal with error(s) of law hearings as well as substantive hearings.

Our Immigration barristers also draft grounds and have appeared in the Court of Appeal.

Our Immigration barristers deal with applications for Judicial Review; they draft grounds and appear before the courts, seeking to overturn the decisions of the Secretary of State for the Home Department. Members of the team are also instructed to appear on behalf of the Home Office in appeals and are instructed by the Special Appeals unit to draft grounds of appeal for Judicial Review and for appeals to the Upper Tribunal

Some of our Immigration barristers can take instructions on a direct basis and some can even litigate which means they can provide all the services that are required from start to finish.

Our Immigration barristers can assist in the following types of matters in the First Tier tribunal;

  • Asylum application involving national from all over the world involving a number of grounds under the 1951 Refugee convention.
  • Appeals against section 10 Immigration & Asylum Act 1999
  • Appeals against Deprivation of British Citizenship
  • Appeals against Deportation of Foreign national
  • Revocation of deportation order
  • Applications under Appendix FM
  • Applications under 10 years lawful residence under 276B
  • Appeals against refusal under general grounds for refusal: alleged deception and innocent mistakes
  • Appeals against refusal under para 320(11) where it is argued that a person has sought to frustrate the immigration rules
  •  Appeals against refusal under 322(5) where it is argued that it is “undesirable” to permit an applicant to remain in the UK “in the light of his conduct
  • Appeals based upon the Immigration Rules
  • Appeals based upon EX.1
  • Appeals based upon Family Reunions
  • Appeals based upon Adult Dependant Relatives
  • Appeals based upon the EEA Regulations
  • Appeals based upon Article 8
  • Appeals against TOIEC decisions
  • Appeals based upon Parental Responsibility appeals under para 297
  • Section 72 Serious criminal Nationality Immigration & Asylum Act 2002 appeals
  • Appeals based upon Section 117B(6)
  • Curtailment of leave
  • Bail applications

Our barristers can also assist and advise when it comes to the following:

  • Judicial Review
  • Out of time appeals
  • Visitor’s Visa as well as Judicial Review of refusals
  • Business Visa Applications
  • Entry Clearance for Spouses, Adult Dependents, Fiancé’s & others
  • Point Based applications
  • Student Applications
  • Settlement Visas
  • Ancestry Visas
  • Administrative Review application
  • Fresh Submission Applications
  • Points based Applications
  • Naturalisation Applications
  • Citizenship Applications
  • EEA Applications
  • Adult Dependent Applications
  • Dependent/Parental Responsibility Applications
  • Family Reunion Applications


Immigration Team
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