Michael Williams prosecutes married ex-accountant who offered teenage girls money to perform sexual acts

The former Cambridge Analytica analyst befriended teenage girls on Instagram and offered them up to £1000 to perform sexual acts.

He tried to set up a meeting with a 15 year-old girl after persuading her to send images of her touching herself intimately.

He was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment.

Steven Perian QC invited to speak at CPS “See it – Believe it – Achieve it” session

On Wednesday 6th October at 16:30,  Steven Perian QC will be taking part in the first session of “See it – Believe it – Achieve it”  open to all via Teams which will involve an interview style format with hosts getting to really know speakers – from their early beginnings to finding their career and the obstacles they may have faced along the way and what they did to overcome them.  There will be a Q & A at the end for the audience to get involved.

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Sammy Kimmence, Dani Dyer’s boyfriend, given 42 month prison sentence for defrauding pensioners – Michael Mason prosecutes

The defendant posed as a financial investor and took money from two men, aged 81 and 91, claiming he would invest it by placing horse-racing bets.  Instead he took their money and spent it on paying off his own debts and funding his lifestyle.

Dani Dyer is flying off on HOLIDAY as she ignores boyfriend Sammy Kimmence’s three and a half year prison sentence (

Sammy Kimmence: Former trader jailed for defrauding pensioners – BBC News

Laura Hollingbery prosecutes owner of dog who attacked a five-year-old boy, leaving him permanently scarred

Robert Wright took a 10-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier with him when he went to Sainsbury’s in Nuneaton in November.  The boy’s facial injuries were treated at hospital, but he has been left with scarring.  The defendant was given a suspended prison sentence and the dog has been put down.

Rebecca Austin and Philip Allman involved in modern day slavery judgment

R -v- Brecani [2021] EWCA Crim 731

A young defendant appealed his conviction following the court’s decision to exclude a positive conclusive grounds decision by the Single Competent Authority (SCA).  The Court of Appeal agreed with the prosecution that SCA caseworkers are not experts and a Conclusive Grounds decision is not admissible at trial.

The court concluded that ‘on an objective view of the evidence the section 45 defence was comprehensively demolished by the prosecution.  There is no question that this conviction is safe.

At trial, lead counsel for the prosecution was Rebecca Austin and Philip Allman her junior.


Steven Perian QC prosecutes three teenagers who repeatedly stabbed a rival gang member in his eye on a train leaving him permanently blind in one eye

The 18 year-old victim was sitting with his electric scooter on a train as it left Northumberland Park Station last September when he was attacked.  All three defendants pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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