Chambers was founded in 1953 at 2 King’s Bench Walk in the Temple in London,  in the  period of growth and optimism following World War Two. The founder members were  London barristers in the Temple  who went on  to become outstanding in their field.  Norman Skelhorn QC ( Director of Public Prosecutions from 1964 to 1977), Raymond Stock QC (later HHJ Stock QC), Nat Blaker QC (later HHJ Blaker QC), JH Inskip QC (later HHJ Inskip QC), John Jenkins and John Whitley (later HHJ Whitley).

Other members soon joined and 2KBW flourished.  In addition to their London practice, 2 King’s Bench Walk barristers covered the entire Western Circuit from Cornwall to Bristol, including Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. Today, Chambers barristers regularly prosecute and defend in the all the London Courts. Chambers maintains a core of more than 70 practitioners which has meant that our barristers also appear in leading cases throughout the Southeast, the Midlands, and the Western Circuit.

2 KBW has benefitted from some impressive former Heads of Chambers.  From Norman Skelhorn QC, through, more recently,  to David Owen-Thomas QC, Anthony Donne KC, Timothy Mousley KC (now HHJ Mousley KC), William Mousley KC (now HHJ W. Mousley KC) and Miss Sally M. Howes KC. With the growth in size of Chambers within the last 10 years, we are pleased to have now taken the step of electing two Heads of Chambers to lead us onwards.  Chambers continues to be well served under the leadership of Matthew Farmer and Russell Pyne.

With the return to Chambers of the outstanding Senior Clerk Daren Milton in 2012, Chambers entered a period of re-growth and restructure to build it into a thoroughly modern set with dynamic first-rate barristers making the difference in the many cases in which they are instructed.  Chambers is at the forefront of utilising the strengths of  outstanding practitioners from all cultural backgrounds,  faiths, and beliefs. We are an approachable set of chambers with a strong team spirit. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients and working to achieve the best possible result.

Chambers physical modernisation is now complete, with an updated suite of Offices that are fully equipped with conference facilities. Chambers longstanding position in the Inner  Temple overlooking the  river Thames has been maintained throughout our history, but the outlook is now more importantly  one of a diverse  centre for excellence in advocacy at the cutting edge of 21st Century practice.