Married couple deny cold case Conspiracy to Murder – Suki Dhadda being led by Pavlos Panayi KC for the Prosecution

April 19, 2024
Suki Dhadda

Allen and Margaret Morgan from Brighton both deny conspiring to murder Carol Morgan, Mr Morgan’s first wife, in August 1981.

Carol Morgan’s body was found in her shop in Bedfordshire.  She had been subject to a brutal attack by an axe or heavy knife or machete causing horrific injuries to her body and skull.  At the time of the killing, Mr Morgan had been having a year long affair with Margaret Spooner , as she was then known.  Soon after the alleged murder, Margaret left her then husband and moved in with Mr Morgan.  The prosecution told the court that a divorce between Allen and Carol Morgan was out of the question because the couple had debts.

The defendants are accused of hatching a plan to arrange and pay for Carol’s murder.  On the night of the killing, Mr Morgan took the victim’s two children from her previous marriage to the cinema which was unusual and had never happened before.  He was quickly ruled out as the murderer because of his alibi.

Witness Jane Bunting came forward in March 2021 when she learned the unsolved case had been reopened. She had met the defendants in a pub a few months before the murder and Allen Morgan had speculated whether Ms Bunting, who was 17 at the time, knew anyone who could help him kill his wife.

The trial continues at Luton Crown Court.