Gang jailed for string of West Midlands car-jackings

March 27, 2020

Between September and November last year, Michael Williams led Richard Sedgwick in the successful prosecution of a gang of armed robbers responsible for the robbery of a convenience store, 26 incidents of car-jacking, the kidnap of a recovery driver and threatening a soldier with an imitation firearm.  In total, the gang committed 46 offences over the course of four months in 2018.  The prosecution case rested largely on the movement of mobile telephones and analysis of call data.  The jury convicted the defendants upon all counts.

The ringleader, Paul Doyle, had previously received an indeterminate sentence for public protection in 2007 for the armed robbery of cash in a transit van.  For these offences, he received a life sentence and will have to serve a minimum of 12 years before the parole board will consider him for release.  Joshua Barrett, Luke Mander, and Kier Carter, received sentences of 18 years, 16 and a half years, and 3 years respectively.

Further details of the case can be found on the BBC here: