Cocaine gang ‘kingpin’ jailed for 24 years – Rebecca Austin led Phil Allman for the Crown

December 15, 2023
Philip Allman

The ‘kingpin’ of a drugs gang who imported millions of pounds worth of cocaine has been jailed for 24 years at Gloucester Crown Court.

Helios Nanaj, 37, from Wandsworth, London, was convicted of four counts of conspiracy to supply a controlled drug of Class A and one count of conspiracy to import drugs.  Gloucester Police said this case represented Gloucestershire’s biggest drug prosecution, with the evidence suggesting Nanaj probably supplied over 500kilos of cocaine.  The court heard that Nanaj entered the UK illegally from Albania when he was 15 years old, and had boasted he’d been involved in organised crime for 20 years.  He had been claiming to be a builders labourer and messages showed he was trying to get his money to Amsterdam or back to Albania.

‘Kingpin’ of multi-million pound cocaine gang jailed for 24 years – BBC News