William Mousley QC and Barry McElduff’s client cleared by jury of murder and manslaughter

July 23, 2018

Following a 2 week trial at Winchester Crown Court, David Henwood was acquitted by the jury of a 2 count indictment alleging murder and manslaughter.

It was the Prosecution’s case that Mr Henwood had killed the deceased as part of a planned drugs robbery that had gone wrong.

The case against Mr Henwood relied on what was described by the Prosecution as a powerful and compelling set of circumstances. The included: DNA evidence linking Mr Henwood to the deceased; tracker evidence from Mr Henwood’s van that placed it in the area which the knife that undoubtedly killed the deceased was recovered; and the unexplained disappearance of some of Mr Henwood’s belongings from the night in question.

William Mousley QC and Barry McElduff were instructed by Phillip McCann of Penfold & McPherson Solicitors, Southgate Street, Winchester.

Mr Henwood maintained his innocence from the moment of arrest, through lengthy interviews with the police under caution and at trial.

As part of the defence case William Mousley QC and Barry McElduff were able to establish, amongst other things, that there were other people in the area at the time of the killing who may have been responsible. The acquittal of Mr Henwood continues an undefeated series of successful defences to murder allegations in cases where both have been instructed as a formidable partnership.

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