Operation KIJANG – Industry Partners Debrief

March 14, 2024
Harper Marshall

Barry McElduff (leading) and Harper Marshall (led-junior) prosecuted a 16-handed conspiracy by members of an OCG to steal high-value cars and reidentify them for onward sale. As part of this conspiracy, members of the OCG fraudulently obtained over 100 cars. The estimated financial impact of the fraud was in excess of £1.2million.

Following convictions against all 16 defendants in this 16-handed conspiracy, the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) hosted an Industry Partners Debrief on Operation Kijang on 12 March 2024. The conference was attended by representatives from NaVCIS, the NCA, Hertfordshire Police, the DVLA, and various vehicle and vehicle finance providers.

As leading and led-junior counsel for the Crown, Barry McElduff and Harper Marshall were invited to present to the Industry Partners and provide insights into the prosecution process, with emphasis on the importance of continuity of evidence. It was acknowledged that, whilst this particular fraud was unusually complex and sophisticated, the risk-to-return element suggested that other criminal gangs may attempt a similar operation in the future, necessitating preventative measures and heightened vigilance from all Industry Partners. The Prosecution team’s presentation was well-received, and acknowledgements came from all sectors that this successful prosecution came as a result of effective inter-organisational cooperation.