Mike Mason prosecutes armed robbers disguised as police officers who tied up a wealthy director’s wife and daughter and held them at gunpoint in a raid on their £2.5m Sandbanks home.

July 4, 2024
Michael Mason

Career criminals Ashley Fulton, 42, and Aaron Evans, 41, deliberately targeted the Sandbanks home, forcing their way inside and ransacking the property, taking more than £200,000 worth of designer watches, handbags and jewellery, along with some cash.  They had disguised themselves as police officers using fake ID and claimed they were carrying out door to door enquiries about a rape on the seafront a few days earlier.  As the homeowner, Mrs Kerry Aitchison, leaned in to look at the ID, they put a gloved hand over her mouth and told her if she shut up and behaved herself she would not get hurt.  During the 30 minute robbery, her 22 year old daughter Emily came home on her lunch break and was grabbed by one of the men, who held a gun to her head and threatened to shoot her if Mrs Aitchison did not give them the code to the family safe.  She entered the code wrong twice and told the robbers a third incorrect entry would trigger the alarm.  The men gave up on the safe and fled in a Volkswagen Golf which was caught on CCTV and traced to an address where Fulton was living.  Their DNA was all over the property and the car.

Evans was arrested at a ferry terminal in Birkenhead with a Rolex watch and a fake passport and Fulton was arrested with his girlfriend Lacey Langton by armed police at a Heathrow hotel.  They had several designer watches in their room as well as thousands in cash, four mobile phones and a bag of watches and jewellery.  None of the Aitchison’s valuables were recovered.

Fulton admitted two counts of robbery, possession of an imitation firearm, three offences of fraud and three of possessing ID documents with improper intent, one of possession of an article for use in fraud and possession of cocaine.

Evans pleaded guilty to two robberies, possession of an imitation firearm and one count of fraud for a false passport.

Langton admitted perverting the course of justice and possessing an identity document with improper intent.

They are due to be sentenced later this month.


Mother and daughter held at gun point in Sandbanks robbery | Bournemouth Echo