Michael Williams secures conviction in firearms trial

February 16, 2017

The trial of a defendant charged with firearms offences, prosecuted by Michael Williams, concluded yesterday with the jury returning unanimous guilty verdicts on all counts.

The defendant worked in a travel agency in Whitechapel, which was searched by officers from the Metropolitan Police Trident unit. During the search, a working firearm with over 30 rounds of ammunition was discovered in a back storeroom. When officers checked the store’s CCTV it showed that just an hour before the search, the defendant had worked on the firearm at his desk while his colleagues looked on. Following the discovery, the defendant fled to Ireland and then Pakistan but was apprehended when he returned to the UK 14 months later. The jury convicted him of possessing a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by HHJ Shorrock at Woolwich Crown Court.