Husband found guilty of conspiracy to murder wife in 1981 – Suki Dhadda prosecutes for the Crown

June 19, 2024
Suki Dhadda

Allen Morgan, now aged 73, of Brighton denied hiring a hitman to murder his then wife Carol Morgan back in 1981 when she was aged 36.  His current wife and then lover Margaret Morgan, 75 was found not guilty of the same charge.

Mr Morgan’s alibi at the time of the offence, a cinema trip, gave him a cast-iron alibi whilst a paid hitman murdered Carol Morgan at the shop she ran with her husband.  The killer used an axe or machete to attack Carol before escaping with cash and cigarettes.   Detectives at the time believed it was a burglary gone wrong, but a cold case investigation in 2018 uncovered a new witness who said Allen Morgan had approached her in a pub before the murder asking if her ex-boyfriend knew anyone who could kill his wife.  The court also heard that a year or so before his wife’s death Allen Morgan had begun an affair with Margaret Spooner, whom he later married.

Detective Superintendent Carl Foster who led the cold case investigation said the force remained committed to finding out who murdered Carol.

Ms Dhadda was led by Pavlos Panayi KC of 7 Bedford Row.

Pensioner, 73, faces dying in prison for arranging his wife’s murder more than 40 years ago after hiring a hitman to have her hacked to death while he was locked in an affair with now-wife | Daily Mail Online