Drunk Tube passenger admits attempted murder of female stranger – Miss Suki Dhadda prosecutes

March 7, 2023

Arthur Hawrylewicz, aged 42, of Avondale Gardens, Cardiff, admitted attempted murder on the first day of his trial at Inner London Crown Court on 6th March 2023.  He was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing next month.

The court heard that the defendant drunkenly approached Ms Maria Osifeso at King’s Cross station last August.  As she approached the edge of the platform, he wrapped his arms around her waist in a bear hug style grip and lifted her off the ground, swinging her round in to the path of an oncoming train.  He released his grip only when a male friend of Ms Osifeso intervened, as horrified passengers looked on.  The defendant repeatedly banged his head against the side of the train before he was taken away.  Judge Benedict Kelleher warned the defendant to expect a lengthy custodial sentence.

Drunk passenger who tried to throw woman onto tracks at King’s Cross faces jail for attempted murder | Daily Mail Online