Cyber Abuse; Steven Perian KC appearance on online talk show ‘Meet Menaca’

June 20, 2024
Steven Perian KC


On June 2nd, 2024, Steven Perian KC had the distinct pleasure of appearing on Dr. Menaca Pothalingam’s esteemed online talk show, Meet Menaca.

This platform, spearheaded by Dr. Menaca and her dedicated team, offers viewers more than just another online event. It provides profound insights, actionable strategies, and a renewed sense of hope, all driven by her ambitious mission: to touch and inspire one million hearts, fostering health, happiness, and hope in every participant.

During Dr. Menaca’s 129th episode, Mr Perian KC was invited to share valuable insights on the critical topic of “Cyber Abuse.” The episode delved into several pertinent issues, including:

1. Common Forms of Cyber Abuse: Addressing online harassment, revenge porn, and cyber flashing.
2. Impact and Consequences: Exploring the profound effects of cyber abuse on individuals.
3. Prevention and Protection: Examining the responsibilities of social media platforms and online service providers in preventing and addressing cyber abuse.
4. Legal Effectiveness: Analysing the current laws and regulations dealing with cyber abuse and identifying necessary improvements.
5. Online Safety Act 2023: Discussing the implementation of this pivotal new legislation, which has been law only since October 26, 2023, with criminal offences under the act coming into force from January 31, 2024.

Episode 129, along with other episodes, has been uploaded to YouTube by Dr. Menaca’s team.

The link to Episode 129 is attached below

Episode 129, serves as an invaluable resource for practitioners and stakeholders from the United Kingdom seeking to understand cyber abuse and its devastating impact on vulnerable children and women.

Mr Perian KC is grateful to the Director of Clerking, Daren Milton from 2KBW, whose exceptional dedication in meticulously arranging and rearranging his diary has enabled him to undertake work across various jurisdictions seamlessly.