Barry McElduff and Kaj Scarsbrook secure convictions in drugs conspiracy

January 21, 2019

Barry McElduff, leading Kaj Scarsbrook, recently secured the final conviction after one trial and two retrials in a complex and lengthy drug conspiracy.

Operation Daraga was a South West Regional Crime Unit investigation into a Liverpool based Organised Crime Group, who were involved in the trafficking of large wholesale quantities of crack cocaine and heroin from Liverpool down to towns in Dorset and Somerset for onwards distribution to lower-level drug dealers and users.

Barry and Kaj worked closely with specialist police units during the investigation and prosecution which spanned a period of 20 months.

The convicted defendants represented all levels of the conspiracy from the overall leader to local “commanders” and, adding all sentences together, the conspiracy received in excess of 50 years imprisonment.

Barry and Kaj were instructed by Tammy Mears and Franz Seabrook of the Wessex Complex Case Unit.