Practice areas

Crime, Family, Civil

Year of call: 2006

Robert predominantly practises in crime, but accepts instructions in both family and civil matters.

His mixed practice allows him to seamlessly transfer the skills and knowledge from one area to another for the benefit of his professional and lay clients. His wide knowledge base and excellent advocacy skills have seen him develop a strong practice and excellent reputation.


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Robert is experienced in both defending and prosecuting criminal matters, accepting instructions predominantly for the defence.

He accepts instructions ranging from private driving offences in the Magistrates Court, where he represents high profile media clients, through to serious matters in the Crown Court  representing  convicted murderers accused of further violent offences and defendants accused of serious sexual offences.

His practice in crime includes, but is not limited to, serious violence offences, high value frauds, serious sex cases, matters involving death and drug offences including multi handed conspiracies.

Robert is a Grade 3 prosecutor. Witness handling, particularly in regards to vulnerable witnesses is a talent that Robert has mastered and for which he has a a natural aptitude. He is experienced in the use of intermediaries.

Robert also undertakes Health and Safety work as well as having experience in Proceeds of Crime matters.


As a natural link with the work Robert does in crime, he also accepts instructions in a range of Family Law matters where his stellar client care and robust advocacy make him a popular choice with clients.


Robert practiced as a litigator for a first tier Legal 500 firm for a number of years.


He prides himself on being second to none in terms of client care. Robert bridges the all too often wide gap between his client and the profession, whilst instilling confidence in the client and the Court.

Robert has been described by those who instruct him as a dedicated advocate who will not allow his client’s position to be compromised in the face of a robust judiciary or difficult circumstances.


  • R v D & others (2 separate cases) – Successful defence in both cases when acting for a convicted murderer in another offence involving an allegation of serious violence in prison with weapons. Successful in opposing the obvious bad character application.
  • R v BS –  Successfully acted in a matter whereby the defence of non-insane automatism was advanced.
  • R v DD – Representing a client accused of a high value fraud against the employer and achieved a suspended sentence for his client despite the value of the theft being in excess of £180,000.
  • R v JS – Successful in obtaining a Community Order for a defendant convicted of possession of illegal ammunition and cannabis plant.
  • R v W – Successfully obtained an acquittal for a professional charged with historic sexual offences including rape.
  • R v B – Obtaining an acquittal on  a Sec 20 regarding a charge involving prison violence.
  • R v W – Successful prosecution of a dangerous driving and GBH case whereby a Highway Officer was injured.
  • R v I – Successful prosecution of health and safety offences which posed a serious risk to Public Health.
  • R v I – Successful defence of a person charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, despite being found in possession and having previous convictions for possession with intent to supply and this being know to the jury.
  • R v M – Successful defence of a person charged with serious cruelty in regards to animals.
  • R v F & others – Successful defence of a women charged with a violent robbery together with others.
  • R v C – Successful defence of a multi count fraud indictment.


Bournemouth University

BVC, Bristol UWE

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