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Year of call: 2006

Robert is experienced in both defending and prosecuting serious criminal matters, allowing him to approach all cases in a balanced and informed way. He is a calm but robust advocate, with a considerable talent for connecting with juries.


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As part of Robert’s defence practice, he accepts a wide range of instructions. From private driving offences in the Magistrates Court, where he represents high profile media clients, through to extremely serious matters in the Crown Court, representing convicted murderers accused of further violent offences, clients charged with large scale drug conspiracies and those accused of the most serious sexual offences. Robert has particular expertise in offences involving violence.

Robert is a Grade 3 prosecutor. His prosecution practice includes, but is not limited to, serious violent offences, high value frauds, drug offences (including multi handed conspiracies) and cases involving death. Robert is often led in, and has a particular interest in cases involving the murder/manslaughter of infants. Having been instructed numerous times in such cases, a comprehensive skill set has been developed.

Witness handling and client care, particularly in regards to vulnerable witnesses and clients is a talent that Robert has mastered and has an excellent reputation for. Robert can bridge the all too often wide gap between the legal system and the lay client, whilst instilling confidence in those whom he represents. He is experienced in the use of intermediaries.

Having previously worked at a firm of solicitors early on in his career, Robert has experience in all aspects of the profession, which allows him to provide an excellent service to all those he is instructed by. Robert is well versed in providing sound and practical advice at various stages of proceedings, leading to effective case management.

Robert accepts instructions for the defence in regards to Court Martial matters. Robert also undertakes Health and Safety work.


CASES (Examples, not a comprehensive list)

R v J J M

Junior counsel in a murder involving multiple robberies in the Dorset area. Reported in the national news.

R v LB

Junior prosecution counsel in a murder involving a stabbing in Oxford, involving complex legal issues.

R v CB

Defence counsel in a case involving false imprisonment and torture.

R v AA

Defence counsel in a highly publicised GBH involving a vehicle.

R v K

Junior prosecution counsel involved from the early stages in a case which resulted in the mother pleading guilty to Manslaughter further to her daughter having starved to death over 5 days. As reported in the national news.

R v C & J

Junior prosecution counsel Junior prosecution counsel in a case whereby both parents were charged with Causing or Allowing the Death of a Child and the father with Murder. The father was convicted of murder and the mother the section 5 offence. As reported in the national news.

R v R & T

Junior prosecution counsel in a case whereby both parents were charged with Causing or Allowing the Death of a Child and the father with Murder. The father was convicted of Murder. As reported in the national news.

R v D & others

Defending in a case when acting for a convicted murderer involving an allegation of serious violence in prison with weapons.

R v BS

Instructed in a matter whereby the defence of non-insane automatism was being advanced.

R v DD

Representing a client accused of a high value fraud against the employer and achieved a suspended sentence for his client despite the value of the theft being in excess of £180,000.

R v J

Successful in obtaining a Community Order for a defendant convicted of possession of illegal ammunition and cannabis plants.

R v W

Represented a professional who was charged with historic offences sexual offences, including rape, and the accused remained of good character after trial.

R v B

Representing a Defendant who was charged with a sec 18 GBH, regarding a charge involving prison violence and who was acquitted.

R v W

A prosecution of a dangerous driving and GBH case whereby a Highway Officer was injured and the case ended with a guilty verdict.

R v I

Prosecution of health and safety offences which posed a serious risk to Public Health.

R v I

Defending a person charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. Despite being found in possession and having previous convictions for possession with intent to supply, and this being made known to the jury, the jury acquitted.

R v M

Successful defence of a person charged with serious cruelty to animals.

R v O

Acted in a case for a well known film director whereby a driving ban was avoided.


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