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Year of call: 2007

Robert specialises in criminal law, prosecuting and defending in equal measure on the Western Circuit, London and the Thames Valley region. He is a Grade 3 Prosecutor on the CPS Advocate Panel. He has particular experience in drugs and related offences. Recent instructions include: (for the prosecution) drugs importation, armed robbery, money laundering, child cruelty; (for the defence) rape, section 18, possession of indecent images, possession of firearms. He has appeared against leading counsel at trial.

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Recent Cases


  • R v C (2017) – Winchester Crown Court – defending dangerous driving causing serious injury to a child
  • R v K (2017) – Lewes Crown Court – defending in historic sexual offence case; allegations from when D was just 11
  • R v R (2016) – Portsmouth Crown Court – D had several disguised stun guns in his possession; psychiatrists on both sides instructed to examine the effect of a considerable brain injury
  • R v R (2016) – Southampton Crown Court – defending in knife point robbery; complainant stabbed and slashed; defence of claim of right
  • R v P (2015) – Portsmouth Crown Court – defending in 8-week, 14-handed cocaine conspiracy
  • R v X (2015) – Reading Crown Court – defence of a man charged with the sexual abuse of a child; challenge to both medical and forensic evidence
  • R v Y (2015) – Portsmouth Crown Court – defending in a case of arson with intent to endanger life
  • R v H (2015) – Southampton Crown Court – defending a woman accused of benefit fraud of over £100,000
  • R v P (2015) – Isleworth Crown Court – defending vulnerable individual charged with GBH with intent; prosecution case was that D had lost his temper, broken a bottle and stabbed victim in the throat four times with it
  • R v AP & others (2014) Portsmouth Crown Court – instructed for the “warehouseman” in a large scale cocaine conspiracy
  • R v H & others (2014) – Portsmouth Crown Court – defending in 2 month long conspiracy to transfer and convert criminal property
  • R v S (2014) – Southampton Crown Court – defending a man charged with aggravated burglary and causing GBH with intent with a baseball bat
  • R v N & others (2014) – Newport Crown Court – defending in a large scale drugs conspiracy
  • R v X (2014) – Crown Court – defending man charged with making and sharing indecent images
  • R v F (2014) – Southampton Crown Court – defending young man charged with glassing and bottling several people
  • R v AT & DF (2014) – Portsmouth Crown Court – defending in conspiracy to burgle over 40 properties; case stayed as an abuse of process on Connolly v DPP grounds
  • R v M (2013) – Crown Court – defending carer charged with abuse in a residential home


  • R v C (2017) – Southwark Crown Court – D was found unfit to plead; trial of whether he ‘did the act’, namely a random and sustained attack on a shopkeeper
  • R v A (2016) – Woolwich Crown Court – D was a serving police officer alleged to have assaulted his young sons; examination of child witnesses who had both resiled from their original accounts
  • R v M (2016) – Central Criminal Court – prosecuting D for importing just over 1kg of cocaine hidden in a shipment of instant porridge
  • R v C (2016) – Peterborough Crown Court – LGV driver prosecuted for dangerous driving causing serious and life-changing injury, experts on both sides
  • R v K (2016) – Reading Crown Court – prosecuting D on an indictment which joined 4 separate sets of allegations including two s.18’s; complainant in one was left permanently disabled; consideration of Vowles and others
  • R v D (2016) – Blackfriars Crown Court – prosecuting D for taking indecent images of children in Colombia
  • R v S (2016) – Winchester Crown Court, Dove J. – prosecuting D2 (junior alone) for hiding the murder weapon after D1 had pleaded guilty to murder
  • R v HD (2016) – Winchester Crown Court – prosecution junior for Operation Shape, led by Sally Howes QC; AD murdered his flatmate in a brutal and entirely motiveless attack; his behaviour bordered on the sadistic
  • R v Z (2016) – Cambridge Crown Court – prosecuting serving police sergeant for fraud; appeared against leading counsel at trial
  • R v W (2016) – Oxford Crown Court – prosecuting defendant for threats to kill and false imprisonment; appeared against leading counsel at trial
  • R v T (2016) – Inner London Crown Court – prosecuted defendant for theft on Westminster bridge stemming from involvement in the ‘cup and ball’ gambling game; sole complainant gave live evidence from her bedroom in Bangkok
  • R v W (2015) – Croydon Crown Court – prosecuting female defendant for fraud by abuse of position of trust after she had emptied her disabled sister’s bank account
  • R v B (2015) – Reading Crown Court – prosecuted woman in a ‘road rage’ incident; defendant’s evidence conducted through an intermediary
  • R V S (2015) – Snaresbrook Crown Court – prosecuted defendant for sexually assaulting a friend of his
  • R v C & M (2014) – St Albans Crown Court – prosecuting conspiracy to burgle; the victim of the burglary was the one of the defendant’s girlfriends. The case relied heavily on cell site analysis
  • R v AG (2014) – Kingston Crown Court – prosecuting attempted section 18; defendant, in a fit of rage, armed herself with a knife and attacked a former flatmate
  • R v TN (2014) – Maidstone Crown Court – prosecuting a man for stalking his former partner whom he had met on an internet dating site
  • R v S (2014) – Harrow Crown Court – prosecuting defendant in double gang land stabbing
  • R v T (2014) – Woolwich Crown Court – prosecuting defendant for importing several kilos of cannabis and money laundering offences


  • MA Cantab
  • BVC – Droop award (Lincoln’s Inn 2006)


  • Lincoln’s Inn


  • Member of the Criminal Bar Association
  • Member of the Western Circuit

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