A disbarred barrister who posted grossly offensive antisemitic material online has been sentenced – Philip Allman prosecuted for the Crown

March 15, 2024

Between May 2021 and April 2022, Ian Robert Millard persistently posted about his hatred of Jewish people online, while claiming he was simply exercising his freedom of speech.

Statements made by Millard included that ‘there is nothing wrong with being antisemitic’, that England would ‘be a great deal better’ with more antisemitism and suggestions that the Holocaust was ‘fake history’.

He also posted imagery which portrayed antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Working closely with Hampshire Constabulary, the CPS trawled through twelve months’ worth of evidence from Millard’s blog.

Unpicking the evidence, piece by piece, including one month of posts alone which totalled 450 pages, prosecutors were able to show the continuous barrage of offensive material Millard – all of which needed to be considered by prosecutors to build the strongest possible case.

At trial, prosecutors utilised the evidence to prove Millard was not simply expressing his freedom of speech, but was engaged in a campaign of antisemitic hate, publishing grossly offensive material which breached the Communications Act.

Having been found guilty after trial of five charges of breaching the Communications Act, Millard, 67 and of the New Forest, was sentenced at Southampton Magistrates Court on 14 March 2024 to receive a nine month Community Order.

Sophie Stevens, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with CPS Wessex, said: “Antisemitism has a devastating impact on individuals and communities – we won’t hesitate to bring offenders of hate crime to justice.

“This was a complex prosecution which required many hours scrutinising the masses of online content that Ian Millard deemed perfectly acceptable.

“In fact, what he posted were grossly offensive and criminal claims about Jewish people. It is particularly shocking that a former barrister, who is meant to engage the law in the pursuit of justice, would express such flagrant hatred.

“We will continue to prosecute antisemitic offenders and bring the perpetrators of any hateful crimes to justice.”