Woman obsessed with serial killers murdered boyfriend whilst he slept – Steven Perian KC prosecutes

January 16, 2023

The trial continues at Winchester Crown Court of Shaye Groves, who is accused of murdering her boyfriend in his sleep last July in Havant, Hampshire.  Groves, 27, allegedly stabbed Frankie Fitzgerald 22 times after discovering he had been messaging a 13-year-old-girl.  She then tried to create a false alibi by texting a friend that Fitzgerald had walked out on her.  Groves went on to video-call a friend, Vikki Baitup, showing her the deceased’s body and saying she had “just lost it” and stabbed him in the neck whilst he slept.  When asked what she was going to with the body, Groves replied, ‘it’s alright, we are going to bury it in the back garden’.

Upon her arrest, Groves told police that Fitzgerald had tried to attack her.  The defendant denies murder.