Man guilty of murdering train passenger with horseshoe – Tahir Khan KC leading Kaj Scarsbrook secure conviction

March 30, 2023
Kaj Scarsbrook

Kirkpatrick Virgo, 42, from Slough, attacked Thomas Parker, 24, on a platform at Reading Station last July after an argument about music being played on the train.  During the argument, passengers heard Virgo remark: “Do you want to die tonight?”   The altercation was ended by off-duty police officers but Virgo then followed Thomas Parker and his brother Craig after the train arrived at the station.

The court heard that Virgo had removed a heavy metallic horseshoe from his bag and used it to hit Thomas Parker on the head, claiming he was spat at and racially abused by Thomas Parker who he feared was going to attack him.  Following the attack, Craig Parker chased Virgo through the station, tackling him to the floor in a bear-hug before rail staff intervened.  Thomas Parker was pronounced dead at the scene.

Virgo had admitted manslaughter and carrying an offensive weapon but denied murder.  He will be sentenced on 31st March 2023.