Inquest rules death of British tourist in Dubai police station was due to neglect – John Lofthouse represents Mother of Lee Brown

November 7, 2022

The 5 day Inquest into the death of Lee Bradley Brown concluded today, 4th November 2022, over 11 years after he passed away. The Inquest was heard at the Walthamstow Coroner’s Court before Area Coroner Nadia Persaud. The jury returned a verdict that Mr Brown’s death occurred due to neglect.

Mr Brown had taken a short trip to Dubai in 2011 en route to see his girlfriend in Indonesia.  Whilst staying at the Burj Al Arab hotel he was accused of assaulting a hotel maid and he was taken to the Bur Dubai police station.  The authorities in Dubai said Mr Brown had died in custody of natural causes, despite witnesses saying he had been handcuffed to a chair and beaten with fists, feet and batons by a group of people before being dragged to a solitary confinement cell where he died a few days later.  It is alleged guards refused to give him enough food and water and did not let him see a lawyer.  The original Inquest in 2013 returned an open verdict.  Mr Brown’s mother, Doris Brown applied to the High Court for a fresh Inquest and a new inquiry was ordered.

Mrs Brown said: ‘For the past 11 years we have had to fight to find out how Lee died and so I am incredibly relieved that the Inquest has finally uncovered the precise circumstances in which my son lost his life. My son was a good person who loved both me and his dad very much. He died in the most awful of circumstances being allowed to be beaten by other prisoners and, most shockingly, those who were supposed to look after him. He was not given proper food or appropriate care. I cannot imagine how awful his last moments must have been. It makes me incredibly sad and angry. I can’t believe that he died at the hands of savage monsters when he had done nothing wrong. They made up lies about him and took my life too. He was my life.’