Grace Ong prosecutes serious rape case in Reading Crown Court

February 14, 2020

Guilty verdicts secured in Reading Crown Court in respect of a 62 year old man against his 63 year old estranged wife living in the same household, for a number of serious offences. The defendant, BM, was sentenced to a total of 12 years imprisonment.

  1. Controlling and Coercive behaviour – 2 years imprisonment
  2. Rape – 12 years imprisonment
  3. Assault by Penetration – 8 years imprisonment
  4. Rape – 12 years imprisonment

The defendant would drink to excess, come home from the public house drunk, and cut the complainant’s clothes and possessions up. He would ask her to look after his property and then bang and kick on her door and demand them back in the early hours of the morning. She was left petrified of him and of what he might do due to threats of violence.

The defendant was described by the judge as ‘hugely destructive and frightening’. On two occasions he would rape her, threatening her with a knife and scissors. It was a common occurrence for him to push her down the stairs.  Her pulled her hair out and her daughter had to re-glue her hair extensions back in.  The complainant had enough and was so petrified of him that in high anxiety and semi-consciousness she began to reveal what happened to her.