Defendant convicted of Witness Intimidation in respect of his sister and Perverting the Course of Justice for the false implication of his brother – Laura Hollingbery prosecuted for the Crown

June 7, 2024
Laura Hollingbery

After his sister commenced civil proceedings against him in the High Court, following a dispute over their father’s Will, Raymond Birnie, 74, began sending threatening emails to her, which included the suggestion that a car would be driven through the front of her property if she did not cease the pursuit of the civil action. He sent those emails from a fake email address that he created in the name of their brother.

These threats then escalated when he produced a flyer displaying a photograph of his sister and her husband, which purported to be from a group called CSE Interceptors or “paedophile-hunters”, warning their neighbours that the couple were involved in child grooming and paedophilia. This was then distributed to almost 20 of her immediate neighbours.

When the Defendant was arrested and interviewed, he led the police to believe that his brother was the one responsible for the threats and intimidation who was then arrested and subjected to police investigation.

Following a 3-week long trial at Cambridge Crown Court, the jury found the Defendant guilty of both counts, and he now awaits sentence.