Oliver Weetch’s client acquitted of kidnapping, robbery and assault.

After a seven day trial at Snaresbrook involving five co-defendants, Oliver’s client was acquitted by the jury of kidnapping, robbery and assault charges arising from his part in an alleged incident when a group of five males had accosted the complainant on the street and then bundled him into a waiting car before driving away as part of a revenge attack. Oliver was instructed by Kerry Hudson at Bullivant Law.

Philip Allman prosecutes homophobic violent disorder

Philip prosecuted a Newton hearing in the youth court at Uxbridge. The case received relatively wide media coverage.

It was a nasty attack on a train from Reading to London; the defendants all pleaded guilty to violent disorder but disputed that it was a homophobic attack. The court found in our favour yesterday and they each got 6 months DTTO.

Further details of the case can be found at http://www.cps.gov.uk/news/latest_news/teenagers-convicted-of-homophobic-h/


Barry McElduff secures acquittal in case of serious violence

Following a 2 week trial at Winchester Crown Court, Barry’s client was unanimously acquitted of charges of attempted kidnapping and s18 gbh. Barry’s client was said to be the ‘honey in the trap’ that led to the complainant being the subject of a serious and prolonged attack involving the use of a taser and a knife. The Defendant always accepted presence but denied any involvement. The case involved extensive cell-site, forensic, DNA evidence and phone evidence.

Barry was instructed by Chris Gaiger of Gammon, Piercey & Gaiger Solicitors, Southampton.