Islam Khan succeeds in case against the NMC

After a 3 day hearing the Chair of the Panel dismissed the NMC’s allegations against the client in respect of adequate protocol not being followed by the client that lead to the death of Patient A.

Following submissions at half-time, the Panel agreed with Islam Khan that there was no case to answer and strongly implied the failings of the consultant in charge.

Matthew Farmer’s advice in private prosecution leads to an arrest and conviction in high profile murder case

In early 2015 Matthew Farmer was instructed by Mr and Mrs Skelton to advise on whether it would be possible to take out a private prosecution against Robert Trigg for the murder of their daughter Susan Nicholson in 2011. Robert Trigg had reported finding her dead on the sofa early in the morning, and told the Police that he must have rolled on her in the night and accidentally asphyxiated her. The Police carried out little investigation, and accepted this account.

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